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Tell me more about coaching with you?

I use a comprehensive mind-body-spirit model, taking into account the numerous factors that influence our movement through life transitions and the creation of balance and wellness in our lives.  Coaching can provide insight through both physical and emotional transitions, such as pregnancy, the menstrual cycle, the menopausal transition, and aging.

Although I will not be entering into a physician-patient relationship you, I will bring to you over thirty years experience in women’s wellness, including experience resulting from witnessing thousands of women through common life transitions, such as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, midlife changes, menopause, life, and new creations.

In the coaching model, you, the client, are the expert. As a coach, I will provide the tools and support to bring you back to your own internal wisdom. This will empower you to recognize and depend on your own wisdom and strength.

Life transitions coaching will allow you to deepen your self-learning while creating and instituting specific action steps toward fulfillment and life balance. You will be responsible for creating action steps, which may include physical, emotional, and/or spiritual components. I will provide you with tools to re-evaluate your values and needs. You will not be alone in navigating the tremendous changes that are taking place in your own life and in our greater world. Through this process, you will gain confidence in your own abilities, knowledge, inner wisdom, and intuition.

Intrinsic in our coaching sessions is recognition of the limitations of our societal structures and their (as well as our own) limiting or false beliefs. Sessions will focus on personal empowerment and realistic action.

Are you a wellness coach?

Yes and no. 

Yes: I support you in making positive change in your life. A frequent benefit of this is balance and wellness.  In fact, this is what I consider true wellness--a place of fulfillment, balance, inspiration, and, yes, health.

No: I coach women through life transitions, not through illness and disease. Most of my clients consider themselves well already and are seeking fulfillment; they want more than wellness; they want to truly thrive. For this reason and others, I rarely take on clients who are dealing with chronic illness or pain.

This is the difference between a disease-based model and a wellness model. In a disease-based model, there is something that needs to be fixed or cured. In a wellness -based model, you are already whole. You are also creative and resourceful. You are your own guide. The answers are within you.

This is a point of confusion for many potential clients. Our society holds an incorrect assumption that one can create health from a place of disease. This is indeed rare. Rather, one creates health from a place of wholeness and resourcefulness. Having said this, there are many clients who have come to a place of wholeness in the presence of chronic illness--and these are the exceptions I mentioned.

How do sessions take place and how long will they take?

Sessions occur by phone and are 50 minutes in length, and usually occur twice each month. Holoenergetic™ sessions typically take between 50-90 minutes

How many sessions will be necessary?

This depends on each client's unique situation and will be determined after the initial session. I have different package offerings, based on the needs of the individual.  Most clients start to notice significant change after a minimum of  four to six months, especially when dealing with major life transitions.

How does coaching differ from counseling, psychotherapy, or a medical session with my physician? 

There are many distinct differences. Please read through this section carefully—so that you may determine if coaching is right for you:

Please note:  Several physicians and therapists may also use a coaching model.  What follows is an incomplete list. Information provided is through CTI, the Coaches Training Institute:

In coaching, the client is seen as whole and healthy and is considered the expert. In therapy, the client is seen as sick, incomplete, or lacking, and the therapist is considered the expert.
Coaches are trained to work with healthy clients. Therapists are trained to work with those with mental illnesses.

Coaching is based on a wellness model. Therapy is based on a disease model.
Coach and client are on the same level; they work in partnership. Most medical models are set up in a hierarchical way with the physician or therapist positioned above the patient or client.
Coach and client co-create a wellness plan. Physician or therapist creates a therapeutic plan.
Coaching focuses on present, future, and on action. Therapy focuses on past, present, and on understanding.
Coaching uses accountability with client. Therapy is less likely to hold client accountable.

What are your  qualifications?

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and have received my credential through CTI, Coaches Training Institute. 

I am a board-certified Obstetrician Gynecologist who has practiced medicine since 1996. I have worked both in holistic gynecology, with women’s health expert Dr. Christiane Northrup, and in conventional medicine in large HMO settings.

I am also a certified Holoenergetics™ practitioner. (For more info, see the page on this website.)

Additionally, although I am not a trained Psychiatrist, I have an undergraduate A.B. degree in psychology from U.C. Berkeley and took several elective courses in Psychiatry during my medical training. I was accepted into U.C.S.F.’s Psychiatry residency program, but decided to accept a position in Obstetrics and Gynecology instead, because I chose to work with predominantly healthy women to concentrate on creating wellness, rather than curing disease.

Through my work with thousands of women, supporting them in creating health and balance in their lives, I prefer the coaching model, which is centered around the healthy client as the expert (rather than a diseased-centered medical or psychotherapeutic model).

Will you be my doctor?

Although I am a physician, I will not be your doctor. I will not be practicing medicine in my sessions with you. I will not be entering a physician-patient relationship with you. I will be your coach. You will be my client. This means that you will need to have a primary care physician. I will not be providing second opinions or medical advice. If you are seeking a second opinion, medical advice, or other medical services, then please contact your healthcare provider or physician.

Why are you coaching and not practicing medicine?

I chose a medical profession because I was interested in all of the aspects that contribute to our health and was most interested in helping women create health. I wasn't intrigued by the process of curing disease. Everything about the coaching model resonates with my interests and gifts. In our current healthcare system, my time with patients became increasingly limited, and I was not allowed the time to focus on what I truly love--supporting women in creating healthier lives. In a ten minute (or even 20-30 minute appointment), there is only enough time to address the most urgent need. Coaching allows me to share my wisdom and experience in supporting you as your coach so that you may depend on yourself to create a fulfilling life.

How do I set up a coaching session with you?

Please contact me by email at: rebecca@rebeccaelia.com and let me know if you are interested in a coaching session or a Holoenergetics™ session. If you are interested in coaching, then we will arrange a time to talk. If after speaking together we both agree that coaching together would be beneficial to you, I will send you general information, the Intake Questionnaire, and the Agreement. Please review all materials, complete the Intake Questionnaire and sign the Agreement, and send these to me.  I will ask you to complete payment, and we will set up our first session. Please, also, be sure to check your spam/junk folder and allow emails from my address to come through. Thanks!


I look forward to connecting with you!