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Are You a Busy Physician Mom?

"Rebecca Elia is a robustly deeply gifted intuitive healer who sees both clearly and articulately where you need to go next and how to get there. Her rigorous medical experience as a holistic physician manifests extraordinary insights above and beyond what other coaches offer. Step into your transformation with her. I give her my highest recommendation and wish all of my patients would make dual appointments with her and me. Thank you, Rebecca, for your incredible wisdom, intuition, and brilliance. You make the world a better place."

Renowned Women's Health Expert, New York Times Best-selling Author of The Hormone Cure and Younger.

"The life coaching experiences I received from Dr. Rebecca Elia were motivating, uplifting, and necessary, at a point in my life when I was undergoing tremendous change. She enabled me to focus on my needs and my future, and allowed me to carve new pathways for my family and myself that I know I would have not seen on my own. Her experienced guidance and tools she gave me empowered me to move my life in a positive, forward direction. I have high praise for the skills and teaching of Dr. Rebecca Elia."

Deborah C. Henry, MD

Mother, Educator, and Neurosurgeon

"When I first contacted Rebecca, I felt lost.  My career in medicine had led me on a path with which I was unhappy.  I was not the mother, wife or physician I had envisioned I would be; and I kept making decisions that, although had intended to put me back on my desired life path, kept leading me away from my ultimate goal of being present in my family's life and enjoying the time I had away from the clinic and hospital.  Rebecca helped me define my goals and focus on my core values.  She helps guide me through decisions that keep me on the path I ultimately desire to be on.  She also gives me the tools to help make daily and long term decisions, continually keeping those goals in mind.  For the first time in many years, I know that I am on my way toward having a life that embodies my core values and goals!"


Obstetrician Gynecologist and Mother

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Hello Physician Moms!
I am a gynecologist and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach who has already had the pleasure of speaking with and coaching many of you. You are an incredible group of women, and I love supporting you!
I work with physician moms, like you, who are so busy they are worried about their health and well-being and how this affects their children. I help them live vibrantly so that they can have extraordinary lives with their loved ones.
I am in awe of my clients, who have courageously pursued their unique journeys toward vibrant and fulfilling lives. Most of my clients express concern over the quality of their personal life and time shared with their children. They have re-created their lives in such a way that they can truly enjoy their loved ones right now. Many have rekindled old interests and passions or have taken on more creative or leadership roles. They have learned how to construct useful boundaries around their personal time. They have also learned how to communicate their requests more effectively at work and at home. Many have made positive changes in their present work situations or relationships that have allowed them to enjoy their time with their loved ones, and to grow and thrive. A few have made the decision to leave their current work and for them, coaching has allowed them to define and seek the situation that supports them best. For most, self-care is an enormous issue. At the very least, coaching together allows my clients to design and consistently institute superb self-care. Other common benefits of coaching that my clients have described are an increase in self-confidence, more freedom, less anxiety, more clarity and ease in making important decisions, less guilt, less need to control, more empowerment, and more joy. I have observed that most of my clients are seeking their own unique path to fulfillment, and coaching together allows them to find their path and take their first steps, with support and accountability.
For those of you who know that a change is necessary and truly want to take steps to create a better life with your loved ones, I would like to offer you my time (complimentary) to discuss with you your current needs, stressors, concerns, and desires. I offer a limited number of complimentary sessions as I have openings for new clients. I purposely limit my number of clients so that I may devote myself fully to each of you. I am offering a few complimentary sessions this month (in order of request received). Perhaps you know a change is necessary, but you don't know what form it will take, or perhaps you don't believe it is possible. Some of you may know what you want, but don't know how to get there in the quickest and most direct way. Some of you would benefit from the support and accountability of someone who has been in your shoes. Our conversation is created specifically for you. I will be asking you questions that many physician moms have found helpful. You will discover what is truly important to you, what you really want, and the number one thing that is getting in your way of achieving this. This is a great way to receive some free coaching. 
If you are willing to make life-changing decisions now, if you are ready to create your fulfilling life now, then contact me at: 



Please indicate in the subject field "Complimentary Coaching Session Request," 
I look forward to connecting with you.
Here's to living your unique extraordinary life!
​May this be your best year yet.
(I usually respond promptly. If you haven't heard from me within 48 hours, my response may have gone into your junk mail folder, so please check there first.)