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"Rebecca Elia is a robustly deeply gifted intuitive healer who sees both clearly and articulately where you need to go next and how to get there. Her rigorous medical experience as a holistic physician manifests extraordinary insights above and beyond what other coaches offer. Step into your transformation with her. I give her my highest recommendation and wish all of my patients would make dual appointments with her and me. Thank you, Rebecca, for your incredible wisdom, intuition, and brilliance. You make the world a better place."

~ Sara Gottfried, MD, Renowned Women's Health Expert, New York Times Best-selling Author of The Hormone Cure and Younger.


"The life coaching experiences I received from Dr. Rebecca Elia were motivating, uplifting, and necessary, at a point in my life when I was undergoing tremendous change. She enabled me to focus on my needs and my future, and allowed me to carve new pathways for my family and myself that I know I would have not seen on my own. Her experienced guidance and tools she gave me empowered me to move my life in a positive, forward direction. I have high praise for the skills and teaching of Dr. Rebecca Elia."

Deborah C. Henry, MD, Mother, Educator, and Neurosurgeon


"When I first contacted Rebecca, I felt lost.  My career in medicine had led me on a path with which I was unhappy.  I was not the mother, wife or physician I had envisioned I would be; and I kept making decisions that, although had intended to put me back on my desired life path, kept leading me away from my ultimate goal of being present in my family's life and enjoying the time I had away from the clinic and hospital.  Rebecca helped me define my goals and focus on my core values.  She helps guide me through decisions that keep me on the path I ultimately desire to be on.  She also gives me the tools to help make daily and long term decisions, continually keeping those goals in mind.  For the first time in many years, I know that I am on my way toward having a life that embodies my core values and goals!"

~ D.S., Obstetrician Gynecologist and Mother


"I found Rebecca at a time when I was so burnt out that I did not realize I wasn't achieving my dreams and I was truly miserable. I had no concept what was missing or fixable. We first worked on me making very concrete changes (personal trainer, saying no to things at work, working less hours) but ended with me reaching for the less tangible but oh so more important goals for my health, emotional well being, marriage and family life.  I am feeling so optimistic about using what I've learned now and in the future. Rebecca is compassionate but also goal directed and is able to quickly help you focus on the change you need. I gained tools to attack future issues as well. A fantastic gift to myself and my family!"


~Allison, Gyn Oncologist


"I discovered Rebecca through PMG (Physician Moms Group) and she has been an amazing help! We have been coaching together a few months and she has been helping me through a tough time dealing with my dissatisfaction at work, home life struggles, my own self identity issues and the grief and loss of my dad. Her suggestions and guidance are invaluable and I've really enjoyed working with her. I feel I am headed on the right path to happiness now and she is helping me find my way. I highly recommend Rebecca!!!"

~ L.G., Obstetrician Gynecologist and Mother


"I discovered Rebecca through a PMG post at a time when I was trying to make decisions regarding the next steps in my career. She has guided me and supported me along this journey of self discovery and appreciation! I continue to work with her as I finalize the next steps in my life! I would definitely recommend her services!"

L.S., Obstetrician Gynecologist and Mother


"Ready for a cliche: my life coach changed my life. I think back to when I first contacted Rebecca compared to where I am now and that me seems like an old confused friend. I was unhappy in my job and was in desperate need for a way out. As someone who is super into self-improvement, I thought I knew everything. Thankfully, Rebecca challenged me to first dream, then play BIG with what I wanted out of life. I never realized how rigid the limits of my self-imposed cage were.  What’s great about Rebecca’s coaching style is that while I would focus on improving one area of my life, the work would splash over to improve other areas of my life too. Something that was completely life-altering was a forgiveness exercise we did. The experience felt as if I had shed my former self and it floated away. Ciao old gal! I am so thankful for Rebecca and the impact she’s had on my life. I feel free, empowered, and confident in the ever-evolving me."


~ B.B., NYC


"In my years of coaching with Rebecca, so many monumental positive changes have come from her guidance. Her ability to gently but poignantly nudge me to follow my own intuition, has helped me strengthen my confidence to follow a path that will be fulfilling, and sharpen the practice to leading a life that brings me boundless joy and comfort. I've become a better employee, partner, friend, and family member over these years, and it's our dedicated co-creating together that has played an integral role in those shifts. Rebecca's soothing voice echoes endless sincere care for her clients, and I'd recommend her to anyone who might be thinking about making some big and small adjustments in their lives." 


~ Christina, San Francisco


"Dr. Elia worked with me at Women to Women. She is a wonderfully skilled physician and healer."

~ Christiane Northrup, MD 

Renowned Women's Health Expert and author of Women's Bodies, Women's 

Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause.

​                                                              ***
“Rebecca Elia, MD is compassionate and knowledgeable, and truly embodies the concept of integrative health in her coaching services: combining her top-notch medical knowledge with a true understanding of holistic and mind-body approaches to health and healing. She is a gifted teacher, a superb listener, direct, practical and gentle. Rebecca is passionate about helping people—especially women—to feel our best and reach our potential in body, mind and spirit. Rebecca is also one of those rare practitioners who has a truly peaceful, healing presence, whether you talk to her by phone or meet her in person. I highly recommend Rebecca as your coach to work with you to create a personalized wellness plan.”

~ Mary Shomon, Patient Advocate and New York Times Best-selling Author 


"Rebecca's sincere and authentic interest and support in the well-being of others shines through in everything she undertakes. It is clear she is doing the work for which she is intended. An alliance with her is a gift for your soul, body, and mind."

~ Alicia McLucas, CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

"What Rebecca did for me was life-changing. Aside from psychiatry and work we do on ourselves, Rebecca looks into your entire being and KNOWS what I/you need to do, to get where you want to go. She encourages you to harness what you thought you lost. The gift she offers is priceless. THANK YOU!"

~ Katie Schwartz, Comedy Writer and Founder of "Dear Thyroid"

“When it comes to Rebecca stepping into the world as a coach, my heart goes pitter patter. She's simply such a powerful, wise woman that I can think of few others more perfectly suited to help others craft their lives. And she's super funny on top of all that. Through our work together at the Coaches Training Institute I was able to experience firsthand how insightful, delightful, and talented Rebecca is as a life coach. She challenges you when you need to be challenged and artfully steers you toward the own inner voice.”

~ Rachel W. Cole, Founder of Well-Fed Living (and CTI colleague)

"Rebecca weaves wisdom and laughter together in her coaching in the most amazing way.  I can dive into the depths of my process with her in one moment and then enjoy gleeful belly laughs the next.  After every time I see her I feel filled up with inspiration, support, courage, and love.  She is nurturing when she needs to be and challenges me when I am not pursuing my wildest dreams.  Her heart is open.  She is a healer.  She is doing profound work in this world.  Shortly after meeting her in our coaching program, I felt like she had somehow crawled right into my heart.  She's still there.  Rebecca has incredible depth and is also a light and bright person--a unique combination.  She is clairvoyant, radiant, and connected.  Coaching is clearly a natural path for her and she has a beautiful style of relating with people. Her extensive medical and health background adds even more substance to her already abundant skills as a coach. I feel blessed to have worked with her and would recommend her to absolutely anyone." 

~ Lani Klaphaak, Founder of Social Studio Coaching (and CTI colleague)