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Vibrant Life Group Program

Rebecca Elia, MD, CPCC


This program is designed for you to:

  • Experience more vibrancy, joy, and freedom in your life

  • Be fully present and enjoy quality time with your loved ones

  • Free up time to do what you love

  • Enjoy guilt-free excellent self-care

  • Clarify what your ideal life with your loved ones looks like and take the first steps to create this now

  • Stop sacrificing yourself or your loved ones for your career

  • Stay out of survival mode, avoid burn-out, and move toward your unique vision instead

  • Experience a greater sense of meaningfulness and purpose in your life


This program will give you practical tools to:

  • Identify your vision and values: what do you really want?

  • Free up quality time for yourself and your loved ones

  • Identify your needs and get them met

  • Identify and let go, once and for all, of what you are still tolerating in your life

  • Create both internal and external support structures as you make impactful change

  • Make requests easily and effortlessly

  • Be sure that your decisions at work and in your personal life reflect your values and what is truly important to you

  • Take effective action now!

  • Create an ongoing plan to stay on track



  • 3-Month Duration with a Total of 9 Live Calls

  • 6 Live Phone Content Calls, 2 each month (will be recorded)

  • 3 Live Integration Calls, 1 each month

  • Easy-to-use Templates and Exercises--in preparation of our sessions and to practice later at any time

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Option of an accountability partner with another Physician Mom in the group



  • A private 60 minute 1:1 coaching call with Rebecca to integrate all that you have learned and set you up for future success--keep you on your path (in the 3rd month)



  • Identify your Vision and Values--what do you really want?

  • Step into your Power--what is standing in your way?

  • Practice Guilt-Free Self-Care and Compassion

  • Take Action: Creating Time. Letting go of the "no's." Making Requests.

  • Live your Unique Meaningful Purposeful Life:  Identifying your Life Purpose and Linking Actions to your Vision.  

If you are interested,
request a complimentary phone conversation at: rebecca@rebeccaelia.com 
Space is limited.