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Freedom, Joy, Fulfillment

Life Coaching for Busy Physician Moms

who are tired of saying "yes" to their charts

and "no" to their children.

Let's reverse that, shall we?

Self-Love in the Time of Covid-19

Tips for Physician Moms to Stay Resilient, Well, and Whole During this Exceptionally Challenging Time.


Rebecca Elia, MD, CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Are you frustrated that you can't be the exceptional physician and loving mom you are?

Are you tired of sacrificing yourself and your precious time with your loved ones for your career?

Do you feel like you're the serious clown in the white coat, on the unicycle, on the tight rope, juggling 10 balls in the air, at all times?

Are you worried about your own health and well-being and how this is affecting your children, especially now?

Do you feel responsible for everyone and everything?

Is your life out of control (and you're the only one who knows)?

And when was the last time you had time for just you?

I'm dedicated to helping busy physician moms and leaders like you,  who have been sacrificing themselves for their careers.

I help you regain control over your life, create more precious time for yourself and your family, be more fully present with your loved ones--all while increasing your own well-being, vibrancy, and fulfillment.

Sound to good to be true?

It's not. I have helped many physician moms do exactly this.

Hi! I'm Rebecca, Certified Co-Active Coach, OB GYN,

Women's Wellness  Expert, and Lover of Greece.

While coaching with Rebecca, I  have  evolved from barely surviving to thriving. 

~ Amelia Sutton, MD, PhD

Coach with Me


Personalized Coaching 


Imagine if you could...

  • Regain control of your schedule, time and energy

  • Be truly present in your children's lives

  • Stop doing it all on your own without feeling guilty

  • Find or create work that feeds your soul

  • Stop spending your time on menial tasks

  • Practice medicine the way you want

  • Find your passion and rediscover your purpose

  • Live life on your terms

All of this and more is possible for you.





And I will help you do it your way.


I get it.


I've always done it my way, even when my way was not the common or acceptable path of other physicians.


Gaining control over my own life meant being able to travel to Greece every year (so you'll have to put up with my photos!). It also meant having a flexible schedule with ample time for my many interests and caring for my family.


If you want to know more about me, including the crazy stuff (like meeting Pierce Brosnan on a Greek beach, when I was an extra in Mamma Mia), check this out.

You'll find more useful info, like my core beliefs and how they relate to you, some of the amazing results my clients have had from coaching, and some things you need to stop doing right now!

Rebecca is compassionate but also goal-directed, and is able to quickly help you focus on the change you need.

I am feeling so optimistic about using what I've learned, now and in the future.

The life coaching I received from Dr. Rebecca Elia was motivating, uplifting, and necessary, at a point in my life when I was undergoing tremendous change. 

She enabled me to focus on my needs and my future, and allowed me to carve new pathways for  my family and myself that I know I would have not seen on my own.

~ Deborah C. Henry, MD, Mother, Educator, and Neurosurgeon
~ Allison, Gyn Oncologist

Interview with KevinMD

I spoke with Dr. Kevin Pho about Physician Moms and the enormous responsibilities they take on, diffuse inequities, dysfunctional medical systems, the effects of this current pandemic, physicians and trauma, survival and self-care, healing and rebuilding.

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