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Personalized Coaching 


For Busy Physician Moms Ready to Reclaim Control of their Lives and Leave Guilt Behind

See Below for Coaching Support Post-Pandemic

Do you feel like you're MIA in your children's lives? Especially now, when your very presence may be putting them at risk?

Always trying to catch up on work...

Hundreds of emails in your inbox from patients and colleagues, a million windows open on your work computer, constantly trying to complete your electronic charting--lab work, medications, notes...

It's exhausting, right?

Even if your work is just 8-to-5, you're always on call, and it's leaving you no enjoyable, connected time with your kids, your partner and, frankly, yourself.

If you're nodding your head, then a complimentary Vibrant Life Session is for you.

~ D.S. , Obstetrician Gynecologist and Mother

You went into medicine wanting to make a difference in your patients' lives...

Problem is, you're stuck in a system that's making you work out of a constricted little box, especially now with this pandemic, so you never get to do what you're actually great at...

You're trapped in a job that puts your own well-being last, that is actually putting you and your loved ones at risk! That doesn't allow you to be the great physician you are or to practice in the way you want.

Your work is no longer fulfilling, because this in not what you chose or why you chose it.

These thoughts may cross your mind...and then you're right back to charting without connecting with your patients.

And feeling guilty.

You are a part of a system that puts women and children last.

It may have been a struggle to make the decision to have a child, and, once you did, you couldn't even take adequate maternity leave because your work didn't allow it. And even now, when you finally are home, you can't have the life with your children you so desperately want.

Work is always competing with your family. 

And we haven't even talked about broken promises to yourself, about taking care of you...

Are you ready to change this?

To finally be the exceptional doctor you are, to practice in the way you envision, free to share your expertise with the world?

Are you ready to be the loving mother you are, to be fully present in your children's lives, to enjoy this precious time with them?

Are you ready to start taking care of you, again? To show up more fully in all aspects of your life?

If so, let's talk!




I've already had this conversation with over 150 physician moms.

Why not with you?

Through this one-hour complimentary call :

  • We will identify what you want, what's already working, and what would make it even better.

  • We will uncover the biggest obstacle getting in the way of you being fully present with your kids and at work.

  • You will gain clarity about where you're headed and your best next steps.

  • If we decide to coach together,  by the end of our call, I will create an individualized coaching program just for you.

~ Allison,  Gyn Oncologist
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When I first contacted Rebecca I felt lost. I was not the mother, wife or physician I had envisioned, and I kept making decisions that led me away from my ultimate goal of being present in my family's life and enjoying my time outside of work.

After coaching, now for the first time in many years, I know that I am on my way toward a life that embodies my core values and goals.

A fantastic gift to myself and to my family!

~ Jade Minh Le, Infectious Disease and

Leader of the PMG COVID-19 Subgroup

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Coaching after the COVID-19 Pandemic

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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

~ Viktor Frankl

Never Before Have We Experienced A Time Like This

Never in the history of humanity have we all faced the same risk from a life-threatening disease.

And we will face many changes over the next decade. Most likely, our lives will never be the same.


This is a time of tremendous challenges and for many, heart-breaking decisions, unimaginable tragedy, and grief.


Many physician moms are facing “Sophie’s Choice” types of decisions:

  • Do I put my children and loved ones at risk or separate myself from them?

  • Do I risk my own life and the lives of my loved ones to care for my patients?

  • Where does my loyalty lie? To my family? To my colleagues? To my patients?

  • For what and to whom am I truly responsible?

  • If we do get through this, what will my life be like afterwards? Will I still have work? Will I be able to practice in the same way?

  • How can I make good decisions in the face of so much uncertainty?

  • How do I navigate all of this?


Many, who are not on the front lines, are experiencing tremendous guilt. They are feeling like their own role is nothing in comparison to those risking their lives.


Very few of you actually volunteered to sacrifice your lives and the lives of your loved ones to practice medicine. Most of you are not in the military, and, even then, you are without PPE and effective weapons/treatment.


This is a very unusual time.


It is also a time a great change.


Our world will look very different after this.


Many of my clients are prepared for these changes, because they have worked on building effective support systems; they have paid attention to self-care/nurturing; they have already clarified their values and responsibilities (to whom and to what); they have learned to create clear boundaries; they understand how to lead; they are prepared for constant change and uncertainty.


Many are even beginning to recognize, through this experience, what is truly important and essential and the changes they want to make in their lives now.


Some actually feel more freedom than they ever have before to make these changes. They are ahead of the curve.


They are ready to re-built, re-create, re-structure in ways that are more equitable for all. They are ready to share their healing gifts with the world in whatever form this now takes.








Whether you are struggling with these challenges or needing support in decisions regarding your future career and livelihood, I am here for you.

I have created a special offer for you.


I am happy to connect with you by phone, to support you in any way I can—so that by the end of our call together you will be able to take your next effective step.


~ Amelia Sutton, MD, PhD

It is an understatement to say that working with Rebecca is life-changing. It has been transformative, and I have experienced numerous positive changes in all aspects of my life. She has helped me focus on what truly brings me joy.

Is Coaching Together Right for You?

We're a great fit:

  • You know something has to change, and you're not sure how to go about it.

  • You want to have quality protected time for yourself and your loved ones--you don't want to miss out on your children's lives.

  • You have approximately two hours each month for telephone sessions.

  • You are willing to start taking great care of you.

  • Setting boundaries, knowing when and how to say "no," and making effective requests sound great!

  • You yearn for more fulfilling work.

  • You want to have maximal positive impact on the lives of others.

There's someone/something else better for you:

  • You want to continue to do this alone. No one can do xyz as well as you can.

  • You are looking for survival skills only. You are not seeking change.

  • You are not ready to let go of what you have been tolerating. The unknown is, frankly, too scary and too risky.

  • You are experiencing underlying anxiety or depression that has not been evaluated/treated.

  • You are not ready or able to make the time, energy, and financial commitment right now.

Rebecca is passionate about helping people, especially women--to feel our best and reach our potential, in mind, body and spirit.

~ Mary Shomon, Patient Advocate and NYT Best-Selling Author

If You are a Medical Student or Resident in Training...

who wants support deciding about your career path, specialty, or how the heck you are going to navigate through your years of training, I have created something special for you, too.

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