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"I work with busy women physician moms and leaders who are worried about their wellbeing and how this affects their children.

I help them live vibrantly so they can have extraordinary lives

with their loved ones now."



Are you ready to find your unique path that leads to your extraordinary life, with increased resilience, joy, and fulfillment along the way?


Does this sound impossible? Not for my clients. I have witnessed and assisted them in discovering their unique path and in courageously and consistently taking the steps necessary to stay the course. 

They have successfully managed multiple responsibilities at work and home, while taking excellent care of themselves.


No more guilt and putting themselves last!


They have simplified their lives and have become more fulfilled as parents and more powerful leaders. As making more effective changes at work and home becomes easier, their relationships with friends and loved ones have become more enjoyable.


They have courageously stepped toward their dreams even in unsupportive environments, and, in the process, have become more confident and successful in making requests of others. They are creating clearer boundaries between work and home and navigating significant changes more easily.


For a few, this has meant leaving their current work environment, and for them, coaching has allowed them to be more successful in clarifying and finding a better situation


They have broken out of "survival mode," increased their resilience, and are experiencing more fulfilling lives with their loved ones.

Are You Ready?

Why Hasn't This Happened for You Yet?

I have observed that the answer is simple; however, your unique solution is complex. You have been incredibly successful in so many other areas of your life, so, I know you have what it takes to be successful in creating this as well,

3 Most Common Ways You Are Getting Stuck

There are three common ways you may be getting stuck:

1. You haven't clearly defined what you want.

This is impossible if you don't have enough time or energy for you, when you are not consistently practicing excellent self-care. If all of your time and energy is spent just trying to get through your 1,001 tasks then you do not have any space for anything beyond "just getting by."

You are operating in "negative time."

Your time and energy must be freed up first.


The first step is to identify and remove all that you are currently tolerating in order to create this time, space, and energy for you in your own life.

2. You are not navigating change effectively or advocating for yourself.


With great self-care, it becomes easier to identify what you truly value and want. You now have more resilience and clarity to make powerful decisions, to navigate change effectively, and to become a fierce advocate for yourself and for your family.

3. You are letting your inner critic call the shots. 


Once you come from an empowered place, you will not longer lack the determination, courage, or insight to stay on your unique path.


Once you know your values and desires, you will be able to identify your unique path. And with determination, courage, and insight, you will be able to stay on your path to fulfillment. 

How I Can Help 

This is where I step in. With literally thousands of hours working with thousands of women, including coaching many physician moms, leaders, and other woman professionals, I have the expertise to assist you each step of your way. I will identify where you are getting stuck and help you create viable solutions using the same effective tools that have helped my other clients.

Contact Me

If you can relate to this, and you are truly ready to invest the time, energy, and money to create the life you are meant to live, then contact me at: rebecca@rebeccaelia.com

If you are unsure as to whether coaching together would be beneficial to you, then I still would like to hear from you. Send me an email describing your current challenge and desired outcome. I will lend you my ear and support you in choosing your first effective action step.

I offer a limited number of complimentary 50-minute "Vibrant Life Discovery Sessions" a few times each year, as space becomes available.